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Light & Shadow

Keith D Vincent Photography is about having fun make art out of light and shadows. I am on the quest of the perfect photo. Some of my work is done for clients and some of the work is my own, trying out scenes, lighting or a concept that appeared briefly in a thought and now I want to create it in the camera.

I absolutely love working with people. The life that occurs in a photo and the enjoyment that follows is the creative juice that motivates me.

Finding a field of flowers, a 100+ year old recycled bay window , a shallow lake or a waterfall, and old barn or bale of hay. These things, and others, start me looking for a model or a client and a scene that will send me on the path toward a photo session or two (or more).

After decades in the business and coaching world I am thrilled to have added an artistic outlet to my life.  Come have fun with me.



Some headshots are for the corporate world, some for a personal portfolio and some are a result of the creation of and idea between model and photographer.

Please enjoy our creative work in this area.


Some groups are best friends getting together for a session to better remember their time together. Some are family, some are friends, some work together and some are friends who live apart.

Some of these photos are a memory of family and friends some gone, hopefully with our help, never forgotten..


Whether high school seniors or college seniors, the clients usually come to us with a list of ideas for their photo sessions. Some are easily done, some difficult, some not possible and some only Houdini could accomplish. We had never been disrespectful, had to run from security (or the cops), but we have had some stories to tell the next day. These clients can certainly bring the fun.


Hmm? I look at this style and am constantly drawn to the difference between portraiture and photojournalistic photography.

My thoughts of a photojournalistic style will have little or no post production in regards to the final product. My portraiture work makes no promises. If these sessions are for my own work, then the final work will fit my vision of what I was trying to accomplish. If we are doing a clients session, then I want them completely satisfied as to the look of the final product, as I have said before, "I have Photoshop and I am willing to use it".


Children can be fun and challenging or both. After 45 years of coaching children from 7 to 19 I think I can get along with all the children. (Ha ! well I try) Children's photo sessions usually revolve around a parents idea of how they want the family to look. Sometime with and sometimes without parents. I actually look forward to these sessions. It keeps me young at heart.

Flights of Fantasy

Flights of Fantasy is what I call the creative side of a photo session that's on a quest. There are certain times of the year or maybe with certain models that I get the chance to shoot a scene that really strikes me. At times the models have nothing to do with the actual theme of a session and they usually don't relate to the personality of the subject. This is me having fun. We have shot in some amazing places, I've worked with some amazing models, we've had fun, come join in on the fun.


At times the intent of our session is not a portrait but to extend the situation into glamour shoot. This session typically uses a bit of post production for me to get the shot or style that I am looking for. Most glamour sessions are a bit of fun followed by a bunch of work. Glamour can include makeup, hair, throw in some glitter, or a feather boa or a fur coat and off we go.

About Me



What We Do

Services and Procedure

I hope that Keith D Vincent Photography is about service.

We have a studio in Fife, WA 98424. It is in an industrial complex. So if you are coming to us you will need to call us to find the front door. At that location I have a small studio and a large indoor space that is available for a large indoor projects. Inside the building we have big windows old doors, new door, fake and real walls, a variety of backgrounds that will tax the imagination of most anyone.

Call us and set up a time to come and look at the different services we can provide.

That being said, we do shoot most of our work outdoors. Except for winter days we can usually find an outdoor location for many different type of shoots.

Before the shoot

  • Make sure that we both know where we are going.
  • Make sure that we both know when to be there.
  • I really try to allow extra time for bad traffic, please try that as well.
  • If makeup and hair are involved, please allow for extra time.
  • You are always welcome to bring a friend or spouse. Everyone needs to feel safe and secure at all times. I usually have an assistant, for some shoots I always have one.
  • If you have a location for a shoot, please let me know. Many of my favorite places come from your ideas.

During the shoot

  • Bring a smile. If we are both smiling having the best time we can, then there is every reason that it will show up in the proof.
  • Allow for enough time. I don't stack sessions against each other and if you show up busy we will not have enough time.
  • If we are on location expect changes in the weather.
  • If you want to change clothes, be prepared. On location shoots can make that interesting.
  • Be prepared to receive directions. I may want to move you around or reset the scene to get the desired results.

After the shoot

  • I use a cloud based service to convey the proofs to you. I need a regular email address to do this.
  • Let me know your choices based on the unique identifying number that is listed under each proof.
  • After the final photos are chosen and completed I will deliver a CD with all the proofs and final work.
  • I usually don't have time to do any pre-editing. That being the case I send all the usable proofs from which you make your choices.


Get In Touch

Location and Information

We are located in Fife, WA. We have great freeway access for those from out of town. We are in a large industrial area and you will need directions to our front door. Please don't count too much on Google maps !

we can always be located at our phone number of an email. If I don't goof it up, I get emails on my phone.


If you are changing a session for today or tomorrow, please leave me a text at the least. That is far better than voice mail for me.

2523 Pacific Hwy E. Suite D

Fife, WA 98424


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